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Psychic Reading

Blue Point Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Presents a Group Reading With Psychic Medium Josephine
Ghiringhelli, Friday, February 26, 2016more

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Winter Coat Drive

Don’t leave them out in the cold!!
Bayport-Blue Point Community Lions Club
Winter Coat Drive
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Rich Vatalaro

Welcome back!

Continuing on from last month here are five key facts about how Windows 10 search works. You can search for anything and everything from the Windows 10 desktop, but the results may sometimes be confusing. Here is what you should know. The search box is a prominent feature in Microsoft Windows 10. It is that large rectangle in the lower-left corner of your Windows 10 Desktop. If you are an old guy set in his ways, like me, you may not use that search box much, but some users swear by it.
However, even if you don’t often rely on the search box in Windows 10, it would seem prudent to go over at least a few things about it. So with that in mind, here are five things you should know about how the Windows 10 search box works.

1. Bing
As one might expect, the default search engine for Windows 10 is Bing. Because Bing is so integrated into Windows 10, as well as into the Edge web browser, it only makes sense that it is the default. I don’t think we can criticize Microsoft for using its own search engine. However, since I am sure you are wondering, as far as I can tell there is no way to switch to another search engine anyway.

2. Safe search
With Bing working as our default search engine, we have to consider the settings found under Safe Search. This is where you can decide whether you want to filter results for inappropriate content—in other words: “not safe for work or children.” You can also localize your search results by providing specific location information.

3. Web Results
When you conduct a Windows 10 search, you get a list of mixed results. If you look closely at the bottom of the list, you will see two navigation buttons. The Web Only button will open your default web browser, take you directly to Bing, and show you only the web search results

4. My Stuff
On the other hand, the My Stuff navigation button will expand your results page to show you results categorized by several filters. You can look at results filtered to show only documents, or by device, by folder, or even by just photos. You can also change the order of the results to be displayed by date rather than by relevance.

5. Some searches are forgotten
Probably the most important thing to know about Windows 10 search is that the My Stuff searches are never saved. By that I mean that if you perform a search and then click a document in the results, the search results close and are forgotten. If you want to get back to the list because the document you opened wasn’t the one you wanted, you will have to restart the search. Unlike Bing or Google Search, you can’t just click the back button to see your search results again.

Enough about Windows for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays. That being said, I wish for everyone a happy and healthy holiday season with much peace and prosperity. I will continue to write more on Windows 10 as I delve deeper into Microsoft’s latest offering. However please remember to keep those e-mails coming with any questions you may have or topics you would like me to cover. Simply send your email to:

Thanks for reading,
Rich Vatalaro